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Nils Bech, vase av Ida Ekblad, maleri av Liv S. Grønlund. Foto Geir Haraldseth



Nils Bech "Look Inside" Kunsthall Oslo, March 16th, kl. 19.00 Acoustic performance

Look Inside August 2010-June 2011

is a collaborative concert performance, a new production staged at Kunsthall Oslo and based around the latest music from Nils Bech and his collaborators Bendik Giske, Ole Henrik Moe, Kari Rønnekleiv, and Julian Skar. 

Look Inside is an autobiographical performance with a narrative rooted in Bech's performance at Kunsthall Oslo.  In relation to the thematic issues adressed in Nils Bech's performance at Kunsthall Oslo, Nils  has chosen paintings and sculptures by Norwegian artists (his mother, friends and close collaborators) whose works represent different parts of his personal development.

These works will function as stage settings during the performance. Works by: Ida Ekblad, Lina Viste Grønli, Liv S. Grønlund and Institutt for Degenert Kunst